Emergency Support Services (ESS)

During the event of an evacuation order, the Emergency Support Services (ESS) Reception may be activated.  The ESS Reception Centre is managed by the municipality's Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), but volunteers from the community operate it.


Looking for a great cause to volunteer? The best time to prepare for an emergency is now! Become an ESS volunteer today and be ready to take action when our community needs it.

The Fort St. John Emergency Support Services (ESS) team meets once a quarter, at the Pomeroy Sport Centre. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please send an email to recreation@fortstjohn.ca for information and request sign-up forms to complete and return.


If you would like to learn more visit the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) website and sign up for the following courses:

  • JIBC EMRG 1600 - Intro to ESS (previously ESS 100)
  • JIBC EMRG 1607 - Level 1 ESS (previously ESS 107)
  • JIBC EMRG 1610 - Intro to Reception Centres