COVID-19 Municipal Updates

The City of Fort St. John is taking necessary and reasonable precautions, following the direction of the Provincial Government, to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our employees, residents, and visitors are paramount. City actions are consistent with the direction provided by the Provincial Government's BC Restart Plan and other provincial agencies and partners.

Current Provincial Health Orders

Below is a summary of the current Provincial Health Orders that impact City facilities and services:

Proof of Vaccination Requirements

Proof of vaccination using the BC Vaccine Card is required for certain discretionary activities.

Based on the Provincial Health Order, and the Northern Regional Health Order, visitors and participants aged 12+ will be required to use their BC Vaccine Card, showing fully-vaccinated status, and government-issued photo identification at City recreational facilities for the following activities:

  • When attending adult or mixed-age (adult and child) programs and events
  • Swimming, Skating and Northern Vac Track services
  • When spectating programs, sporting events, and practices at all recreational facilities
  • When entering concession seating areas in all buildings
  • When volunteering, organizing, or coaching programs and events for children and youth

Proof of vaccination is NOT required for the following:

  • Organized sport and programs for children and youth
  • Before, during, and after school programs
  • Educational activities when provided by a school or post-secondary institution
  • Teachers and instructors providing education activities
  • Language and employment courses and training
  • Government activities and services, including Council Meetings
  • Flow-through events with a safety plan and controls to prevent congregation

Get your BC Vaccine Card

The BC Vaccine Card includes a secure, individualized QR code and an image showing whether a person is "vaccinated" or "partially vaccinated." People can get their BC Vaccine Card online at You are encouraged to save or print your BC Vaccine Card to avoid wait times.

Mask Use Required

The Provincial Health Officer has ordered masks must be worn by all persons aged 5 and older in all indoor public spaces, including all City buildings. 

Access City Services

While all City facilities are open for services, many have additional safety measures. To ensure the safety of our workplaces and our community, please do not visit a City facility if you are ill or required to self-isolate. Instead, City staff are able to provide services, in alternative forms, such as by email and phone; visit the Contact Directory for their information

View specific information:

Council Meetings

The public is able to attend all open Council meetings; however, residents can watch Council meetings live or recorded. Additionally, residents can submit correspondence to Council, to be included as part of the meeting agenda:

Recreation and Visitor Centre

City recreation facilities, parks, trails, and equipment are available for use. Masks are required for all indoor public spaces for people aged 5 years and older. Remember to enjoy our spaces safely and responsibly by ensuring proper physical distancings, staying home if you are sick, avoiding overcrowding, and frequent handwashing. Additionally, all outdoor equipment is not being cleaned or disinfected.

UPDATED December 22, 2021:

For additional questions:

Personal Precautions

Whether at home, or in a City facility, all staff, residents, and visitors are asked to take the following personal precautions, as recommended by public health authorities:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds
  • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Stay home when you are feeling unwell
  • Practice social distancing, ensuring people stay 2 metres apart and avoiding close personal contact

Additional Staff Precautions

The City of Fort St. John, following the recommendations of federal and provincial health officials, will be requiring any staff who return from international travel to self-isolate for 14 days. Additionally, staff travel for business purposes has been suspended.

Our Occupational Health and Safety program provides ongoing reminders to employees about safe hygiene practices throughout the year, including emphasizing proper handwashing and staying home if they are unwell.

More Information

Further updates on the City of Fort St. John's operations will be provided here and shared through the City’s social media channels.