100 Street Corridor - Phase 2

Start Date: May 6, 2021

End Date: Fall 2021

Project Status:


Category: Capital Projects - Completed

Budget: $7.63 million

Project Description:

The second phase of the 100 Street Corridor project includes the upgrading of the below and above-ground upgrades on 100 Street between 96 Avenue and 99 Avenue. 

The underground infrastructure on 100 Street is ageing and needs to be upgraded, and with the necessary construction required, the City conducted a significant public engagement process in 2019 to hear from the community how to improve the aboveground public spaces. 100 Street will continue to operate as a major transportation corridor within the city – functional for people and cars – and, at the same time, it will become more attractive and enjoyable to support a strong and vibrant downtown.

During construction, all businesses will remain open; however, their accesses may be modified slightly. Obey all signage and traffic control people.

Learn more about the project by visiting the 100 Street Corridor Major Projects page.

Construction Bulletins:
Road Closure:

Effective May 6, the following road closure will be in effect:

BC Transit Changes:

Due to the road closure, BC Transit will have some route changes during construction:

  • Route 1 Northside - Cultural Center exchange - Left on 99 Ave,  Left at 98 St and Right onto 100 Ave, then join regular routing.
  • Route 2 Southside -  Cultural Center exchange - Right on 99 Ave, Left at 102 St and Left onto 96 Ave, then join regular routing.
  • Route 3 Central - Not impacted by the Construction.
  • Route 4 Southeast - Same as Route 1. Route 5 Southwest - Same as Route 2.
  • We will be missing 2 bus stops due to the construction: at the Subway on 100 St and at No Frills on 98 A Ave. Alternate locations will be: for the Subway stop, will be moved to 96 Ave between 102 St and 100 St, and the No Frills stop will be moved to 99 Ave between 98 St and 96 St.
Contact Information:

Construction Inquiries: 
Jim Stewart, Manager of Engineering
250 787 8150

Business Support:
Jennifer Decker, Manager of Economic Development
250 787 8150