OCP & Zoning Amendments

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the City’s long term vision for future growth and development of Fort St. John. The Zoning Bylaw  sets out the land use for each property within the City, describing what uses are permitted on that property and the specific development regulations.

When is an OCP Amendment Required?

An OCP amendment is required when you are looking to change the long-term designation of a property. An OCP amendment is also required if you are doing a zoning amendment and the proposed new zone does not align with the OCP, or if you are seeking to change the permitted density of the property. 

When is a Zoning Amendment Required?

A zoning amendment is required when you are looking to carry out a use on a property that is not currently permitted per the Zoning Bylaw.


For more information about OCP and Zoning Amendments and to apply, download the OCP & Zoning Amendment Application Package. [PDF - 1 MB]