Development Permits

Development permits are used to regulate specific aspects of development in designated Development Permit Areas such as:

  • Form and character of a site and building
  • Protection of the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological diversity
  • Protection of development from hazardous conditions
  • Revitalization of an area in which a commercial use is permitted 

Development Permit Areas

The City of Fort St. John’s designated Development Permit Areas are:

  • Downtown
  • Gateway
  • General Commercial
  • Major Corridor
  • Multiple Family Residential
  • Fish Creek
  • Parkwood 

Contact Planning or reference the Official Community Plan to confirm if your proposal is located within a Development Permit Area. 

When to apply for a Development Permit

You need to apply for a Development Permit if:

  • You plan to subdivide or construct, renovate, or alter the exterior of a building or structure, including works on a façade or painting only. 


  • You are located in a designated Development Permit Area. 

For more information about Development Permits and to apply, download the Development Permit Application Package. [PDF - 1 MB]