Water Meters

In 2008, Fort St. John’s residential water consumption was at a whopping 550 litres/day per person! A key sustainability measure implemented by the City of Fort St. John was Water Meters; as the installation of water meters was expected to reduce general water consumption by 20-25%.  This reduction is already evident.  Residents of the City of Fort St. John saved 500,000,000 litres in the first 8 months of 2009! That’s a savings of 2,083,333 litres saved every day!   Similar reductions in water use has occurred over the past few years, and residents have become much more aware of their consumption levels and are responsibly managing one of our most precious resources – the Peace River water supply.

Water may seem abundant in Fort St. John and we often take our high quality, plentiful water supply for granted.  However, it takes a lot of energy and money to clean and pump this water from the Peace River wells to where we can use it.  Every resident has a vested financial interest to help manage the water in these reservoirs and remember that it is precious and expensive – even though we enjoy it in our homes for so little cost.                 


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