Snow Removal

When the weather outside is frightful…We’re working to get you home safe!

The City of Fort St. John consistently strives to accomplish this task in the most cost-effective manner possible while still maintaining a high level of service. Our workers take pride in a job well done.  The workers you see on the street are doing everything they can to make sure that residents are able to travel local roads safely.

Please remember that snow and ice control is not a substitute for caution and defensive driving practices when driving a vehicle equipped for winter conditions.

The City clears roads according to the priority map posted at the bottom of this page. We do main roads first and then residential roads -
IF it doesn't start to snow again. If it starts snowing then the main roads get done again.

The city clears snow from a total of 153.76 km of roads:

  • 19.49 km of that is loaded into trucks and hauled away.
  • 45.07 km of that is considered priority 1 - collector streets and avenues
  • 89.20 km of that is considered priority 2 - local roads and avenues

Vehicles parked on the roads impede the equipment and some roads may not be cleared if there are too many parked vehicles. Citizens are asked to park on their property.

When we can, we blow the snow from roads onto the City boulevard. When the snow is heavy we will often plow to the middle of the road to get the road open and come back later to clean up. How we approach each street depends on drainage, road width, driveways and sidewalks.



It is the responsibility of the property owner to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk adjacent to the property within 48 hours of the snow or ice event. Sidewalk snow may be shoveled onto the road but driveway snow must remain on the property. Tickets and fines may be issued. The Bylaw is posted at the bottom of this page.

The City will clear sidewalks on the routes to schools and around all City owned buildings.

A sand/salt mixture is available for citizens to use on their sidewalks and property free of charge. The pile is located outside the Public Works yard at 10303 Cree Road. Bring your own bucket and shovel.

Safety Tips

 The City of Fort St. John would like to remind residents of some simple tips when equipment is out on our roadways.

  • Do not approach vehicles or equipment; the operator may not see or hear you, placing you at risk of injury
  • Equipment may reverse suddenly. Stay 25 meters back to ensure the operator can see you and has enough room to manoeuvre
  • Take an alternate route if you see equipment working on the road you wish to travel
  • Violence, threats and verbal abuse towards our workers will not be tolerated -- If you have concerns or questions about the work being done, please contact 311 and a supervisor will assist you

Safety on our roadways is everyone’s responsibility.

Please be patient and give workers and equipment plenty of space to perform their duties.

Questions or Comments?

Contact: Operations
Phone: 250.787.8173