The City of Fort St. John maintains 153.76 km of roads. This is continually expanding every year.

If you see a hazard on our roads please use the Report a Problem tool on our website to inform us of it.

Snow Removal

The city clears snow from a total of 153.76 km of roads:

19.49 km of that is loaded into trucks and hauled away.
45.07 km of that is considered priority 1  - collector streets and avenues
89.20 km of that is considered priority 2 - local roads and avenues

Other maintenance responsibilities include:

  • Line painting - the City hires a contractor to perform this work
  • Grading & calcium - done throughout the year
  • Potholes & cracks - using recycled asphalt
  • Drainage
  • Street flushing - all summer
  • Asphalt overlay

Questions or Comments?

Contact: Operations
Phone: 250.787.8173