Property Tax Calculator

MPT Calculator is the City of Fort St. John's on-line interactive municipal property tax calculator for residents, potential new residents and developers.

To calculate property tax, enter the current assessment value of your property and select “Calculate”. The estimated breakdown, including Municipal, Regional District, and Education levies, will then be displayed along with the “Grand Total”.

General Notes Regarding “MPT Calculator”

  1. Please note that MPT Calculator is a property tax calculator for demonstration purposes only and does not include any additional charges or credits that may be applicable to the subject property (for example, Local Area Service Charges (LAS) and Water & Sewer Frontage charges)
  2. The tax rates used in MPT Calculator are for the current taxation year. The tax rates are updated annually by May 15th. Therefore, from January to mid-May MPT Calculator inquiries will be based on the previous year's tax rates.
  3. Any questions regarding your Current Value Assessment should be directed to the BC Assessment Authority at 1-800-990-1160.
  4. If you do not know what the tax class is for your property, please contact The City of Fort St. John's Finance Department at 250-787-8150.

MPT Calculator Disclaimer

The MPT Calculator application uses the Fort St. John's Council approved municipal tax rates, and tax rates established by other taxing jurisdictions in the Province of British Columbia for the last year prior to May 31st and current year after June 1st.

The amounts shown on MPT Calculator are estimates only.  Final tax amounts are mailed out annually in late May and may vary from the amounts illustrated in MPT Calculator.

Due to the various tax rates in Fort St. John's, the complexity of tax calculations, tax policy and provincial legislation, MPT Calculator does not include the following:

  1. Local Area Service Charges and Water & Sewer Frontage Taxes.  Please refer to your last tax notice to determine which charges and amounts should be added to the estimated tax calculated by the MPT Calculator for your property.
  2. Please note that the MPT Calculator calculates residential garbage fees on one unit only.  If your building has more than one unit,you must adjust your garbage charges accordingly.
  3. Any adjustments to taxes such as Supplementary Taxes, etc.

Fort St. John's cannot be held responsible for any legal liabilities arising from the use of MPT Calculator as it is an estimator only.  For more information, please contact the Finance Department.


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