News Release - City releases Statement of Financial Information Report

Fort St. John, BC – The City of Fort St. John released the Statement of Financial Information report as required by the provincial Financial Information Act. This report includes information regarding remuneration and expenses, severance agreements, and purchases of goods and services by vendor.

In addition to the financial statements approved at the May 14 Regular Council Meeting, this report highlights the commitment of Council and staff to provide outstanding service to the community while being fiscally responsible.
According to the 2016 census, Fort St. John has the highest household income in the Province and fifth highest in Canada with a median above $100,000.

The City of Fort St. John maintains two union agreements, one with the BCGEU and the other with the IAFF, in addition to exempt staff. The exempt staffing policy is reviewed every three years and is designed to be at the 60th percentile of comparable market salaries.

In 2016, an independent contractor completed a review of Council remuneration, the first since 2010, which found that in comparison to 16 similar communities, Mayor and Council remuneration was 20% below average. Additionally, the review found that a fair wage is required to continue to attract qualified and dedicated citizens.

“Council has a number of policies that ensure we are able to attract and retain qualified employees while ensuring fair and equitable treatment of employees within comparable markets,” stated Acting Mayor Larry Evans. “The Energetic City begins with City staff and we have some of the hardest working employees in the Province.”

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