Building Resilience 1


An 8 week program for children who have challenges with anxiety, pervasive low mood, constant worrying, and performance or separation anxiety. Participants learn coping skills such as diaphragmatic breathing as well as relaxation and stress management techniques .They will also learn how to challenge negative thinking as well as how to improve self esteem and assertive communication in a supportive environment. The group is facilitated by a Masters-level Registered Clinician and a Social Worker with extensive individual counseling and group facilitation experience. Parent or guardian participation is required so skills taught during the sessions can be practiced at home. Each session includes a handout and a healthy snack. Registration is limited to 12 children.

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City Programming
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Children & Family
Courses & Training
Sports & Fitness
Pomeroy Sports Centre - 2nd Floor meeting Room
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Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 14:45