LiveIt! Green

Each September the City of Fort St. John celebrates LiveIt! Green month. As an extension of the LiveIt! marketing campaign that embraces all things great about life in Fort St. John this program embraces all things green. 

The program aims to promote and celebrate the green projects the city has completed and to educate citizens on some things they can do to LiveIt! Green. 

Some of the City's amazing community initiatives can be found here and corporate initiatives can be found here. And some information on our passive house project can be found here.

Local community groups and businesses who would like to participate in 2017 with programs or events can contact 

LiveIt! Green Activities in September 2017

September 1-30 - Recycling bin inspections by the Bylaw Department

September 7-29 - Kids colouring contest - Published September 7 in the Alaska Highway News or printable from online here

September 9 - Visit the LiveIt! Green City booth at the MooseFM Block Party

September 9 -  9am - 1pm, Community Can, Calvary Baptist Church, Contact NEAT at 250-785-6328 to register

September 16 -  9am - 1pm, Yard waste drop-off co-hosted with NEAT behind the Pomeroy Sport Centre (old Business Resource Centre site)

September 19 -  LiveIt! Green travel mug give away at Whole Wheat'n Honey. See cafe for details.

September 22 -  LiveIt! Green travel mug give away at The Canadian Grind. See cafe for details.

September 22 - 10am-2pm - Visit the bulk water fill station on the west bypass road to learn about water conservation with Well Aware Canada and water contamination with NEAT

September 23 - 10am - 1pm, Water Treatment Plant Open House, 8216 - 86 Street. Learn where our city's water come from, how we transport it, and how our award winning lab monitors water quality.

September 23 -  noon - 3pm, Passive House Open House, 9904 - 94 Street. Learn about this single family home that gets most of it's energy from the sun and how you can build a house that has a very low energy bill.

September 23 - 11am - 2pm, pRRRdy Dayz - Recycling Depot Open House & Free BBQ at Recycle It Resource Recovery, 10095 - 85 Avenue

September 29 - Whole Wheat'n Honey Cafe hosts a Harvest Dinner. Contact the cafe for details.

September 30 - 9am-3pm, Join us at the Farmers Market for recycling education and trivia in Centenial Park.

Water conservation tips

Be Water Wise Outdoors

  • Avoid watering the lawn, and meet current restrictions
  • Put leaves and bark mulch around shrubs and trees to hold in moisture
  • Water vegetable gardens in the morning, near the roots, and by hand
  • Wash cars for safety only, (windscreens, windows and headlights) using a bucket
  • Sweep driveways or decks with a broom instead of the hose

Be Water Wise Indoors

  • Keep a jug of cool water in the fridge, instead of running the tap 'till it cools
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing dishes
  • Shorter showers: Reducing your shower by two minutes can save 460 litres of water in one month.
  • Run full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher. A family of four washes about 300 loads per year. A full load uses less water – and energy - than two half loads. An average week that family will use 340 litres of water on laundry.
  • Water used to wash dishes, vegetables, you hands or for cooking can be saved to use to water plants. 

learn more at We Love Water

Energy conservation tips

  • Turn off unnecessary lights. Two 100-watt incandescent bulbs switched off for an average of two hours per day could save you $12 over a year.
  • Use task lighting -  Turn off ceiling lights and use table lamps, track lighting and under-counter lights in work and hobby areas as well as in kitchens.
  • Adjust your hot water heater. Turning down your water heater thermostat (no lower than 55ºC and no higher than 60ºC) can pay off in savings of up to 5% for every 6ºC.
  • Unplug unused electronics. Standby power can account for 10% of an average household's annual electricity use. Unplug unused electronics and save $50 a year.

Learn more at BC Hydro