Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is a support service department within the Corporate Services Division. The IT Department develops and maintains the information technology infrastructure and supports client workstations and application use. Beyond hardware and software our goal is to provide leadership, professional direction, expertise and assistance in the area of Information Technology and Information Systems to all internal departments.

Departmental Highlights

The IT Department supports the information technology infrastructure, projects and systems which Council and City Departments require to complete their daily work. It applies innovative computing and telecommunication technologies to meet the goals and objectives established by Council. The Information Technology Department administers the central computing system, supporting all departmental use of computing technology and manages the overall City telephone services.

Information technology will continue to be an increasingly key component in providing City services to the public and internal clients. Information technology projects that assist in providing these services have been identified and planned for the next three to five years. The focus of these projects generally falls into one of the following areas:

  • Web Services
  • Mapping and GIS Integration
  • Mobility and Wireless Services
  • Electronic Document and Records Management
  • Network Services

The IT Department supports a wider variety of computer based applications that are used by Council, staff and the public. Many of these are regularly upgraded and expanded for improved service and functionality. Services cover the two broad areas of Application Support and Technical Support.

Application Support

Application support includes website development, Internet-delivered mapping development, and database development - looking after database components housing financial and property information. Working together, these three development areas bring City services to the public via the City's website, create GIS Mapping applications for the public and for internal planning and operations, and drive and maintain the software and the vast store of data behind these and other City systems.

Technical Support

Technical Support deploys and maintains the City's desktop computer systems and all the servers supplying and exchanging information as well as installing and maintaining the network operating systems used throughout the City. They maintain fibre optic communication networks between all City sites including recreation facilities, fire halls, and public buildings as well as an expanding network of "hot spot" wireless network connections.

Technical Support also maintains the City's network protection ensuring the security and confidentiality of data, and performs all the system backup procedures that ensure data can be restored in the event of emergencies that may bring systems down. The City's Help Desk staff are also on hand to assist staff with software and hardware requests for service, and to maintain the City's telephone network.



Questions or Comments?

Contact: IT Systems Analyst
Phone: 250.787.8150