Flower Pot Program

Flower Pot ProgramBeginning in 2001, the Flower Pot Program was started as a partnership between the City of Fort St. John and the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. Local artists, including high school and college students, painted flower pots each year and after a two summers of use they were auctioned off as a fundraiser.

Today we still operate a flower pot and hanging basket program, though new pots are not painted with artwork. During the summer months, you will find the pots and baskets on the streets of the downtown core and at the airport. We currently have 100 pots and 85 hanging baskets that planted in March/April and they are placed around town near the end of May.

The larger size pots you see around town contain self-watering reservoirs that can hold up to 114 L of water. By switching to these larger pots our watering schedule has been cut from watering every second day to every 2 weeks in the hot weather and to as long as 6 weeks in cooler weather. by using the larger pots we have significantly reduced the man-power needed for flower watering, consumption of water, and our carbon emissions from driving a water truck around town.

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