Budget 2018

What does the city do?

The City is roads, recreation, bylaws, parks, Fire Department, property taxes, building bylaws, development permits etc. 

The City is NOT: healthcare, education, highways, courts, drivers licenses, passports. 

We share: RCMP costs with the Province. 

How much are my taxes this year? 


Operating and Capital Budgets

In the City we have a Capital Budget and an Operating Budget. Capital purchases are items you can touch. It is buildings, roads, sewer lines and equipment and other assets. Operating is the cost of running the city. It is labour, insurance, heating, maintenance etc. So if we buy more assets with our Capital Budget it might also cost us more in our Operating Budget to maintain it. In 2016 our Capital budget is $49.9 million and our Operating budget is $58.2 million.


See the Operating and Capital budgets by clicking on the image:



Fun Facts


  • We mow, weed, water and maintain 284 acres of outdoor recreational spaces encompassing more than 20 parks and public green spaces, 17 ball fields, 2 soccer pitches, 2 cemeteries, a community forest, 19.7 kilometers of paved trails and 39 kilometers of maintained sidewalks. In addition to all of this the Grounds Dept mows around all city properties and many roads. In total they manage 400 hectares (988 acres).  AND they flood and maintain 3 outdoor rinks and clear 38 km of sidewalks in the winter.
  • The indoor speed skating oval is one of only FOUR in North America. In addition our THREE rinks are NHL regulation size. AND we have a free walking track upstairs. 
  • The City puts on a ton of really great lessons, programs, camps and fun activities. In 2014 we offered 22 recreation programs and in 2015 it was 59 but in 2016 it was 75!


  • In 2015 we produced 3,408,042 cubic meters of potable water.  Conservation measures have reduced total consumption of water even though the population has increased.  
  • 168 km of Sanitary Sewer line is maintained to keep that…stuff… flowing to the lagoons where it is treated before flowing to the Peace River. We also maintain 128 km of storm sewers. The cost to the City to maintain and improve those lines is about $1 million a year. The cost to the average household is about 13 cents per day. 


  • Roads are our biggest capital asset and one of our biggest expenses. It is something citizens use every day so we know it is really important. We have 146 km of roads in Fort St. John. 10 years ago 50% of those roads were gravel. It costs about $100,000 just to pave one block of road so we have done a ton of paving in only 10 years. It will be great to be done! Then we can spend more resources on re-paving some of the worst roads. The cost for Transportation (including Transit, new roads and all road related maintenance) for the average household per day is about $1.70.
  • In 2017 our budget for roads, sidewalks, and street lights is $17,345,000
  • In 2015 we resurfaced 25 city blocks with fresh asphalt at a cost of approximately $2 million. 


  • 1788 Business licenses were renewed in 2015 and 246 new ones were taken out.


  • Protective Services is City Bylaw, RCMP and Fire Department. There are all kinds of Provincial rules and regulations around RCMP and Fire Departments that tell us how many staff members we have to have but our Bylaw team is determined by Council. We have three full time Bylaw Enforcement Officers. They enforce City Bylaws around animal control, unsightly yards, parking, noise, recycling bins and things like that. Usually that involves having a conversation and explaining the bylaw and sometimes it involves a ticket and fine. Protective Services is provided to citizens for about $1.60 per day per household. This is 24% of the entire city budget.
  • In 2015 Bylaw responded to 1251 service requests.
  • In 2015 RCMP handled 15,802 calls and the Fire Department responded to 1,183 calls for service



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