2016 Boundary Extension

Our community continues to grow!  The City of Fort St. John submitted an application on November 15, 2016 to the Provincial Government to extend its boundary to incorporate land on the east side.  A map is attached on this page to identify the areas proposed.

The boundary extension application consists of 107 properties.

Inclusion of these lands into the City’s boundaries is consistent with the City’s need to manage growth into the future.  The City’s 50 Year Growth Plan identified the land needed to accommodate future growth based on low, medium and high growth scenarios.  Based on this plan, the amount of land needed to be incorporated to accommodate growth projections is as follows:  low growth = 625 hectares, medium growth = 1,315 hectares and high growth = 2,275 hectares.

Based on feedback the City received from rural property owners during the last boundary extension process and some questions and answers relevant for this extension have been included in this document.

If you have questions which have not been addressed in this document please contact Janet Prestley, Director of Legislative and Administrative Services, City of Fort St. John at (250) 787-8153 or by email at jprestley@fortstjohn.ca.

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Contact: Legislative Services
Phone: 250.787.8153